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Successful digital agencies
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Since 2001, the BINN Internet agency has been developing and maintaining corporate websites and web services for large companies, operating primarily in financial and automotive sectors.

Letter of Recommendation

Dezi creates a beautiful design that solves important problems. This is a team that creates beautiful and convenient websites and promotional materials. For over 12 years, Dezi has been helping companies to find their impressive visuals.

Serenity increases the profit of your favorite customers through integrated marketing. It develops its approach, teaches at school and during seminars. It organizes the best business conference in St. Petersburg. It strives for making the world better.

Our Competence

PSD/Figma/Sketch to HTML+CSS+JS conversion and full front-end development focused on quality

BEM + Flexibility

Full compliance with the methodology and component approach. Any block is adapted for any content

Pixel Perfect

100% matching design wherever possible.

Logic and Functionality

We implement any functionality you need – from simple functions to parsing arrays, complex forms, SPA, etc.

Adaptive and Cross-Browser

Perfect website display in any browser, on any device

Semantics and Optimization

We use HTML5 tags as intended, optimize the makeup for as fast work as possible

Graceful Animations

We create optimized animations that work quickly even on weak devices

We use modern solutions and services for best results

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